24 Hours in…Berea

Kentucky Monthly Magazine | by Deborah Kohl Kremer |  READ FULL ARTICLE

“Known as the Folk Arts and Crafts Capital of Kentucky, Berea is home to artists and craftspeople known around the globe for their talent. This town at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is populated by just more than 13,000 people, swelling by about 1,600 when Berea College is in session. The town came into existence directly as the result of the college’s establishment, so you can’t really appreciate one without knowing the history of the other.

According to Danny Isaacs, an outdoor enthusiast and the city’s director of business development, the Pinnacles are a perfect half-day hike. “Whether you are watching the sun rise over the Appalachian Mountains or the sun set over Berea and the rest of the county, it is a very rewarding hike,” he said.

To add to your adventure, the city is working on a mixed-use trail that will run from the center of town out to the base of the Pinnacles. Isaacs says it should be in place by the end of this year.

Berea sits at the crossroads of central, southern and eastern Kentucky. It almost feels like the front door to the mountain region—as if you could open it up and see Appalachia on the other side. It is this unique mixture of cultures and talents that makes Berea the destination it is. Locals will make you feel welcome, but you will leave with a definite appreciation of the history and art of the town and college.”

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