About Berea Business & Economic Development

About Berea Business & Economic Development


Berea Business and Economic Development, a department of the City of Berea, assists companies in starting and growing jobs in our area. Our community’s future depends on our local businesses’ ability to start, grow, and be competitive with the times. We understand that for our citizens, jobs have a positive impact for families and generations to come.

There are three different areas that we focus on as a department:

  1. Industrial Development;
  2. Commercial Attraction; and
  3. Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship.

The services we provide include site selection, community related data, business training programs, and assistance in navigating governmental regulations.

We work with businesses of all sizes, and are committed to supporting growing companies because we know they are the future of our town. As the dedicated business and economic development department, it is our primary responsibility to connect you with the necessary resources to satisfy your business start-up, innovation, growth, and/or relocation needs.

Our Staff

Beth Myers is the Program Coordinator of the Berea Business and Economic Development.